12.03.2015 new gallery: venice

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venice - 4 hours at 33°C, high humidity, and a huge crowd. august is not the ideal month to visit vanice. however, taken toil resulted in the photo gallery. road led from venezia la sua laguna "unesco" through narrow streets and canal grande to piazza san marco. a moment of breathing in the shade and coolness of basilica di san marco. and then again by the crowds, stuffy air and traders who - surprisingly! - despite having non-slavic skin color, cried out with correct polish language: "branded handbags - cheap!", to the parking place near the venezia la sua laguna. we welcomed joyfully the coolness of aircondition in the car.

am i happy with visit venice? - yes!

16.01.2015 new gallery: oravský hrad

gallery: oravský hrad in section: places.
oravský hrad - orava castle - during bad weather on the polish side i visited the slovak oravský hrad towering over the town oravský podzamok. this is one of the most beautiful castles in slovakia. most likely, like many other castles in hungary - at that time, most of the current slovakia belonged to the kingdom of hungary - was built after the tatar invasion in 1241 to defend the eastern border and one of the main trade routes to poland. the castle consists of three complexes middle age and renaissance: the upper castle from the first half of the thirteenth century; the middle castle from the turn of XV and XVI centuries and the lower castle with the palace of thurzo , the baroque church and castle tower. the castle is open to the public (except april) and the tour - only with a guide - takes about 2 hours.

26.11.2014 new gallery: 3 hours in salzburg

gallery: 3 hours in salzburg in section: places.
salzburg - impressions in the gap between the aircraft and corporate meeting. walk on along the salzach river with views among others on heizkraftwerk mitte neu, kapuzinerberg or festung hohensalzburg. then the streets of the old town up to a last look at the festung from the hofstallgasse

06.11.2014 new gallery: silesian beskids

gallery: silesian beskids in section: mountains.
skrzyczne: the first 11 images includes the way to skrzyczne (climb from szczyrk) with a view from the observation deck near the shelter; malinowa skala: the next 15 photos - the way to malinowa skala (climb from the bialy krzyz) with a view from malinowa skala to the south; last 5 pictures - a walk along the czarna wiselka

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