about me

i'm dealing with photography as amature. it gives me the possibility of another view of the world; to observ phenomena or events that sneaking out; the normal everyday perception.

"So often, are you as a blazing torch with flames
of burning rags falling about you flaming,
you know not if flames bring freedom or death.
Consuming all that you must cherish"

- Cyprian Kamil Norwid

this page is dedicated to my wife Beata, without whom I would not be who I am.

my photography fascination began long time ago. however, until now I can continue my adventure. i hope that more and more looking at the environment from the perspective of the frame someday I will attain the objective - the photographic intuition.

welcome into my world of photography.

what is photography for me?
art of look at the world from a different perspective. stops in time fleeting moments, moods, feelings. so much has to do with the painting - only instead of the brush and easel we have the camera and the sensor or film. the rest is the same.

asking for the photographer,
ask for person with a photographic intuition. it gives him special way of looking at the environment - looking at the world sees it from the perspective of the frame and raising the camera to the eye knows how it will look finished picture that is on paper or on screen.